Photovoltaic module 610 W Vertex N Bifacial Dual Glass N-type Silver Frame Trina

Monocrystalline photovoltaic panel Trina 610 W Vertex N Bifacial, SMBB, technology i-TOPCon typ N

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Photovoltaic module 610 W Vertex N Bifacial Dual Glass N-type Silver Frame TrinaPhotovoltaic module 610 W Vertex N Bifacial Dual Glass N-type Silver Frame Trina121.03 €

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Trina 610 W photovoltaic module from the Vertex series, N Bifacial, is built with monocrystalline cells sized 210 mm wafer in i-TOPCon cell technology, type N. The Vertex N model NEG19RC.20 features several innovative design features allowing for high output power. Excellent temperature coefficient, excellent performance even at low radiation intensity. Moreover, thanks to high-density connections, the efficiency of Vertex N modules in this series reaches up to 23%.

Super Multi-busbar Technology, applied in Trina Vertex N modules, integrates advanced non-destructive cutting and high-density encapsulation technologies. It is also responsible for increased light absorption, lower series resistance, and perfectly fits cells with large surface areas. Integration of the technology allows Vertex to achieve higher power and energy generation efficiency per watt.

Type N cells are enriched with phosphorus, which results in a lower solar light degradation rate during module operation and low LID, which means greater efficiency for long years of use and more savings. The new technology also results in a lower temperature coefficient and higher performance on sunny days. Thanks to the N technology, the manufacturer provides a 30-year warranty for the energy produced by Trina Vertex N modules.

Photovoltaic panels Vertex N NEG19RC.20 Bifacial consist of 132 monocrystalline cells in a 30 mm thick frame made of anodized aluminum alloy, covered in high-transparency glass on both front and rear sides, thermally reinforced and 2 mm thick each. High reliability is confirmed by a 12-year warranty on product performance.

Connection cables, 350 mm long, led out of IP68 sealed junction boxes, are terminated with MC4 connectors.

Product distinguishing features:

  • Bifacial version
  • 30-year output power warranty
  • 12-year warranty on materials and manufacturing quality
  • Lower installation costs due to higher power and efficiency
  • High and stable efficiency up to 22.6% thanks to innovative manufacturing technology
  • Positive power tolerance up to +5 W
  • Minimized micro-cracks thanks to innovative non-destructive cutting technology
  • Cells with large surface areas based on 210 mm silicon wafers
  • Super Multi-busbar Technology providing better light trapping effect
  • Excellent performance even at low solar radiation intensity
  • Mechanical performance up to 5400 Pa snow load and 2400 Pa wind load

Trina 610 W Vertex N is ideal for customers looking for high-quality and efficient modules at an affordable price. The product is suitable for both on-grid and off-grid installations.


If you do not follow the manufacturer's instructions during installation, you will lose the warranty.
Solfinity is not responsible for improper installation of PV modules. You will find the installation instructions in the Attachments tab.



PV type
Module technology
Half-Cut 132 cells N-type
Power [W]
Performance W/m2
Panel efficiency [%]
Output Wire Length [mm]
350 (+), 280 (-)
Silver Frame
Max. voltage [V]
Rated Voltage Vmpp [V]
Open circuit voltage Uoc (V)
Short-circuit current [A]
Rated current [A]
Maximum Series Fuse [A]
Voltage temperature coefficient [%/°C]
Weight [kg]
Dimensions [mm]
1134 x 2382 x 30
Thickness of module frame [mm]
Power Warranty
30 years
Product warranty
12 years
Number of modules on the pallet