Photovoltaic module 455 W N-type Bifacial Black Frame SunLink

Photovoltaic panel, monocrystalline SunLink 455 W N-type TOPCON Bifacial Black Frame, frame thickness 30 mm

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Photovoltaic module 455 W N-type Bifacial Black Frame SunLinkPhotovoltaic module 455 W N-type Bifacial Black Frame SunLink89.73 €

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Photovoltaic module, monocrystalline SunLink 455 W N-type Bifacial Black Frame is built with Half-Cell technology using 108 monocrystalline TOPCON cells with 10 busbars. This solution offers lower energy losses due to shading and lower power losses at cell connections. The SunLink 455 W N-type photovoltaic panel stands out for its higher durability compared to models of similar power, thanks to the multi-busbar design, reducing the risk of micro-cracks in cells and damage to finger connections.

N-type cells are enriched with phosphorus, resulting in a lower light-induced degradation rate, low LID, leading to greater efficiency over the years and more savings. The new technology also means a lower temperature coefficient and lower operating temperature on sunny days. Thanks to N-type technology, the manufacturer provides a 30-year warranty for energy production by SunLink N-type TOPCON modules.

SunLink 455 W N-type Bifacial is a two-sided version. Under certain conditions, the second side of the module can extend the production time of electrical energy by providing more solar energy to the cells through the phenomenon of reflected light. Under favorable conditions, this can translate into increased electrical energy production.

The entire module is enclosed in a frame made of anodized aluminium alloy, which performs excellently in variable weather conditions, and reinforced, low-iron, high-transparency glass. This makes the panel resistant to heavy mechanical loads caused by snow or wind (up to 5400 Pa and 2400 Pa, respectively). A 25-year product warranty and a 30-year warranty on linear output power ensure reliable and safe operation of the installation for many years.

Cables, 380 mm long, led out from the IP68 junction box are terminated with MC4 connector. The module has numerous certifications: IEC 61215-1:2016, IEC 61215-1-1:2016, IEC 61215-2:2016, IEC 61730-1:2016, IEC 61730-2:2016.

Product distinguishing features:

  • Bifacial version, additional energy from the rear part
  • 30-year warranty on output power
  • 25-year product warranty
  • High and stable efficiency up to 22.8% thanks to innovative manufacturing technology
  • More power thanks to TOPCON technology
  • Excellent performance even at low sunlight intensity levels
  • Excellent shading tolerance
  • Resistant to heavy mechanical loads
  • The module is not subject to potentially induced degradation due to the use of innovative insulation technology

SunLink 455 W is ideal for customers expecting high-quality and efficient modules at an affordable price. The product is suitable for both on-grid and off-grid installations.


Failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions during installation may void the warranty.
Solfinity is not responsible for improper installation of PV modules. You can find the installation instructions in the Attachments tab.

SL5N108D 455W-BF-BIF


PV type
Module technology
Half-Cut 108 cells N-type
Power [W]
Performance W/m2
Panel efficiency [%]
Output Wire Length [mm]
Black Frame
Max. voltage [V]
Rated Voltage Vmpp [V]
Open circuit voltage Uoc (V)
Short-circuit current [A]
Rated current [A]
Voltage temperature coefficient [%/°C]
Weight [kg]
Dimensions [mm]
1134 x 1762 x 30
Thickness of module frame [mm]
Power Warranty
30 years
Product warranty
25 years
Number of modules on the pallet