Photovoltaic module 490 W N-Type Black Frame TW Solar

Photovoltaic panel, monocrystalline, TW Solar 490 W N-Type Black Frame, made in half-cut technology, MBB

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Photovoltaic module 490 W N-Type Black Frame TW SolarPhotovoltaic module 490 W N-Type Black Frame TW Solar91.97 €

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TW Solar means commitment to the research and development of solar energy products; it is a modern company with many years of experience, with a high degree of technological advancement in the production of silicon cells with monitored workmanship used to build photovoltaic panels sold worldwide.

The TW Solar 490 W N-Type module was designed using the Multi-busbar technology, resulting in an output power of more than 5 W, and Half-cut technology, which reduced power loss, giving an additional output gain of between 5 and 10 W. An additional solution was also used to increase the efficiency of the module, namely High-Density Encapsulation,,to obtain a gain of 0.15%. Compared to typical PV modules of the same class, TW Solar is second to none.

The N-type cells are made using phosphor, which allows them to achieve a lower rate of power degradation, which translates into higher efficiency for many years of use, resulting in more savings. It is thanks to this technology that the manufacturer provides a 30-year warranty on the energy produced.

TW Solar 490 W is built using 120 monocrystalline photovoltaic cells N-Type placed in an anodized lightweight aluminum alloy frame that is corrosion-resistant and covered with a 3.2 mm thick glass panel with high light transmission. The glass is coated with anti-reflective coating (AR) and is thermally fortified. This all adds up to a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year solar power warranty.

1200 mm (+) and (-) long cables coming out of the IP68 junction box are terminated with MC4 connectors. The module has the following certificates: IEC61215/61730, IEC62804(PID), IEC61701(Salt), IEC62716(Ammonia), IEC60068-2-68(Sand) oraz ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, IEC TS 62941.

Product features:

  • Monofacial type
  • 30-year warranty for output power
  • Use of Multi-busbar technology
  • N-type cells
  • High and stable efficiency up to 22,6% thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Positive power tolerance up to +5 W
  • Excellent performance even in low sunlight
  • Half-cut technology to increase output power
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low PID susceptibility
  • Unique cell design means lower temperature of the PV module and higher efficiency
  • Snow load up to 5400 Pa and wind load up to 2400 Pa
  • No mechanical damage during cell production - lossless laser cutting

TW Solar 490 W will be perfect for Customers that require high quality and efficiency in affordable modules. The product will work well for both on-grid and off-grid applications.



PV type
Module technology
Half-Cut 120 cells N-type
Power [W]
Panel efficiency [%]
Black Frame
Max. voltage [V]
Rated Voltage Vmpp [V]
Open circuit voltage Uoc (V)
Short-circuit current [A]
Rated current [A]
Maximum Series Fuse [A]
Voltage temperature coefficient [%/°C]
Weight [kg]
Dimensions [mm]
1134 x 1908 x 35
Thickness of module frame [mm]
Power Warranty
30 years
Product warranty
12 years
Number of modules on the pallet