Energy storage set Pylontech 16.8 kWh + Victron 15 kVA 3F

Energy storage Pylontech 16.8 kWh + Victron 15 kVA, 3F

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Energy storage set Pylontech 16.8 kWh + Victron 15 kVA 3FEnergy storage set Pylontech 16.8 kWh + Victron 15 kVA 3F14,324.20 €

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The Victron and Pylontech energy storage system enables you to maximize the use of energy generated by your PV installation.

It’s perfect for:

  • Existing photovoltaic installations, for people who are looking for new opportunities to expand their system with energy storage.
  • Those looking for safety: ensures uninterrupted power supply, thanks to the UPS function.
  • Those who appreciate flexible solutions and plan to expand the installation in the future.
  • Drivers of electric or hybrid cars.
  • Companies seeking to reduce peak loads—thanks to the power assist function.
  • Those who want to manage the installation from anywhere.

User benefits:

INDEPENDENT ON ELECTRICITY SUPPLIES EVEN 100% The set ensures efficient use of the energy generated. If energy generation from photovoltaic systems exceeds the consumption, surplus energy will be stored in batteries. However, if the energy storage system is fully charged, the surplus energy generated by photovoltaic systems will be fed into the grid.

CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES WHEN ELECTRICITY IS CHEAPEST It is possible to specify any period of time during the week when the user can charge the batteries to a specific level (e.g., every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 80%). This is possible regardless of the energy storage mode.

SAFETY Thanks to the UPS function, in case of loss of the primary power supply from the grid, the set provides backup power to the loads.

SCALABILITY Possibility to expand the battery bank and installation capacity at any time.

Features of included devices*:

  • Energy Storage.
  • UPS: island operation in case of a mains power failure.
  • Power assist: in case of high power consumption, energy is additionally drawn from the battery.
  • Remote monitoring, supervision, and management of the system.

Set features*:

  • Flexibility: high power overload capacity in UPS mode.
  • Aesthetics—compact casing: the entire set is placed in a RACK**.
  • Technology: modern lithium battery technology.
  • Accessibility: ability to remotely monitor and control from anywhere in the world.
  • Ease of installation: pre-programmed solution, ready to connect.


10-year warranty on Pylontech batteries and 5-year warranty on Victron Energy components.

Composition of the set Energy storage Pylontech 16.8 kWh + Victron 15 kVA, 3F**

  • 1 x Switchboard 8-pole IP65 DC/AC
  • 2 x RS485 to USB interface 5 m
  • 1 x VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable 1.8 m
  • 2 x A set of cables for batteries Pylontech US
  • 1 x DC Lynx Power In module bus Victron Energy
  • 3 x MEGA-fuse 200 A/58 V for 48 V products (1 pcs.)
  • 3 x MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 230 V
  • 2 x Energy Meter ET340 - 3 phase - max 65 A/phase
  • 1 x RACK mounting cabinet 22U 19" 600 mm S6622
  • 5 x Battery Pylontech US3000C
  • 5 x Mounting rail for Racks 19" 600 mm (2 pcs.)
  • 1 x Color Control GX Retail
  • 1 x Wall mounted enclosure for Color Control GX
  • 2 x RJ45 UTP Cable 1,8 m
  • 1 x RJ45 UTP Cable 3 m
  • 1 x Battery switch ON/OFF 275 A

Example of how to connect the set:


* The set does not include photovoltaic modules or a photovoltaic inverter.

** The Rack cabinet is delivered assembled, while the inverter and batteries are separate and must be built in as part of the installation and assembly work carried out by the installation company.


1. Pylontech 16.8 kWh Victron 15 kVA 3F set is delivered with components for self-assembly. There is a possibility of "Pre-installation" in the Rack cabinet at an additional cost, which is calculated individually. Pre-installation includes the installation of cables, electrical protectors and programming the set according to customer's needs. 

2. As the set needs to be shipped, it is not possible to fully assemble it on our premises. Some components must be installed on site. 

3. The set does not include AC electrical protectors and AC cables. These elements ought to be selected separately. 

4. In case of difficulties with availability of standard MultiPlus inverters or Color Control GX controllers, we can offer replacement of the components with those available from the manufacturer (e.g., MultiPlus GX). Such a change will increase the price and requires individual arrangements. The change will not affect the functionality of the set.

*HYB16,8KWH 15KVA 3F


Nominal battery voltage [V]
Rated AC power for 1 phase [W]
Peak power for 1 AC phase [W]
Feed-in phases
Cycle life
Design life
15 years
Battery Scalability
up to 16 units
Usable capacity [kWh]
Weight [kg]
Battery weight [kg] - 1 pcs.
Dimensions [mm]
600 x 600 x 1166
Inverter dimensions [mm]
323 x 565 x 148
Battery dimensions [mm] - 1 piece
442 x 132 x 420
Rechargeable battery included
US3000C Pylontech