SunPower P6 405 W Full Black + Tigo 700 W

Set of one SunPower P6 405 W Full Black module plus one Tigo TS4-A-O 700 W optimiser

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218.74 € incl. VAT
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SunPower P6 405 W Full Black + Tigo 700 WSunPower P6 405 W Full Black + Tigo 700 W218.74 €

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The kit consisting of a SunPower photovoltaic module and a Tigo optimiser is the ideal solution for building a high-tech and efficient photovoltaic installation for generating free electricity from the sun and using it in households or services.

The SunPower Performance 6 405 W Full Black photovoltaic module is made in the Shingled technology, i.e. connecting cells in a manner similar to laying shingles, which definitely distinguishes Performance 6 photovoltaic panels on the market. This innovative solution provides a higher level of reliability compared to front contact modules. Performance 6 series products achieve higher efficiency (up to 8%) compared to competing panels, thanks to the developed unique circuit of parallel connections of cells, which allows to obtain maximum electricity production in shaded conditions in the morning and evening or when the panels are dirty.

The Tigo TS4-A-O optimises each photovoltaic module to which it is connected, improving the PV string parameters in case of shading or module mismatch. Furthermore, it improves energy efficiency by upgrading poorly functioning photovoltaic systems or by adding smart features to new installations. TS4-A-O with UHD-Core technology and extended specifications supports photovoltaic modules up to 700 W.

Composition of SunPower P6 Full Black 405 W + Tigo TS4-A-O 700 W kit *:

  • 1 x SunPower P6 405 W Full Black photovoltaic module --> product link
  • 1 x Tigo TS4-A-O 700 W optimiser --> product link

* NOTE: The kit does not include DC and AC protection and solar and AC cables. The components must be selected individually.



PV type
Power [W]
Panel efficiency [%]
Full Black
Max. voltage [V]
Max. current [A]
Voltage temperature coefficient [%/°C]
Weight [kg]
Dimensions [mm]
1086 x 1808 x 30
Communication type
PV module guarantee
25 years
Optimiser guarantee
Tigo optimiser