TOOLTEC will help you choose all the necessary components for a PV installation! This is where you will select the number of modules for the designed power of the installation, match the appropriate inverter, select all the necessary electrical protections, and also receive a full calculation of the assembly structure of your installation. What do you want to configure?
* Configurators are auxiliary tools and do not release the designer from responsibility for the choices made.
Create the selected set in three steps
  • 1 CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO CONFIGURE. With TOOLTEC, we give you the option to configure and quote a complete photovoltaic installation or just the assembly structure.
  • 2 Configure your chosen set - step by step. TOOLTEC will guide you comprehensively through the configuration and calculation process of all components of a photovoltaic system or elements of the assembly structure.
  • 3 Create an offer for your customer. Its simple with TOOLTEC: at the end of the configuration, use the „create an offer” option, add your margin and save time on preparing additional documents.
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